“For those who are led by the Spirit of God are the children of God” Romans 8:14

Faith that overflows like the overwhelming joy of forgiveness

A CRIMSON ROBE cleansing the sins of the unrighteousness

An inheritance of peace like the dove of Christ

Rejoice in the one who brings us power and life

Trust in His holy foundation as the mason does the stone

Praise Him for never leaving us alone

The Life, The Way, and The Truth

This is the journey Christ calls for me and you.

As this is my first post, and I am new to the blogging world, I wanted to set the foundation and purpose of my blog. A few years ago God had planted a little seed within my heart to start a blog devotional, and at the time, I was in the midst of infertility. My faith in God was waning, and I was not in the right place or mind to adhere to this calling. To be honest, I was angry with God because I wanted a child, and he was not operating in my timeline. Praise Him that He knows the right time and place for all things. Thankfully, God did not leave me in this place, and I am so grateful, for His mercies are new each day. His forgiveness is vast, and His love is eternal. He is a God of faithfulness, and He does what He says.

Now that I am two years out from my hard journey of infertility and I am blessedly exhausted from chasing two babies under the age of three, (PRAISE THE LORD!) God has reminded me of this little seed that he planted within my heart, and it has now grown to the point that it can no longer be ignored.

First and foremost, this blog’s foundation will be set in Christ, “For no one can lay any foundation other than the one already laid, which is Jesus Christ.”-1 Corinthians 3:11. He is the way, the truth, and the life, (John 14:6)and the words on this screen would be meaningless within my own power and strength. He is the only reason why we have an inheritance in God’s kingdom, and this blog will be devoted to further glorifying His name.

I invite you on this journey with me. He has called us all to be His disciples, and he wants us all to live knowing full well who we are in Him. He is the Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace, Alpha, Omega, Beginning, and End.Through Him came the universe and all of creation, including me and you. He so desperately wants an intimate relationship with you. Will you allow him into your heart? 

When God asked me to write this blog devotional, he revealed to me the name I was to call it. When I got the name, I decided to look up the meaning of the words because I wanted to fully understand what He had up His sleeve.

Crimson means a deep, rich red inclining to purple. When I read this definition my heart immediately responded with awe, and my English teacher mind knew that the color purple, within literature, means royalty and power. Crimson is also the color of royalty and nobility. In the Elizabethan period, this is the color that the nobility and royalty would wear to signify to others their status within the kingdom. At the point of salvation, when you acknowledge and accept Jesus as Lord, you are set apart in His kingdom, clothed with the crimson blood of Jesus. It marks your eternal identity in Him.

Robe means an outward, loose fitted clothing that is worn for ceremonial purposes. Once I read this definition, I began to realize the full picture of what He was revealing to me. A robe is meant to be worn outwardly so that others can see, and a robe usually covers from the shoulders to your feet–a full covering. This is the outward appearance of our Christian walk. It sets us apart from the world. But, a robe is loose fitting meaning the person wearing the robe has room to grow.

Both definitions signify that a growth process is taking place. Crimson inclining to purple–person at the point of salvation evolving into the person God has called them to be. An inheritor of His kingdom–a child of His family. Royalty. Robe an outward garment meant for others to see–loose fitting so that there is room to grow. We must always know through this journey with God who we are. We are His children, called for His purpose, and to bring Him glory in this fallen world. And, that we are always growing, learning, and being shaped into the person God has called us to be.

At my church, our purpose is connecting people to their God given purpose. This is my heart for this blog and for you.

So will you join me in this journey? Will you put on your Crimson Robe?

Published by The Crimson Robe

I am a Christ follower, and I need Jesus every day. I mess up, get off track, and have to ask for His forgiveness often. However, I love Jesus and want to cultivate a lasting and intimate relationship with Him. I want to connect others to Him by sharing my story and what God has done for me. Outside of my relationship with God, I have been married to my high school sweetheart for 11 years this year. We have two precious kids. We have a girl and a boy. Both of which are miracle babies. I am a high school teacher and have been teaching for 9 years. I teach 10th Literature and Composition both on-level and Honors.

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