Before Creation, He Chose You Series

Within darkness and chaos Within the blackness of the void Within the nothingness He found His joy. He called forth the Light He spoke peace to the chaos He brought life to the nothingness He gave the void purpose. All of these things, He did for you Out of His mouth, the Word Creating aContinue reading “Before Creation, He Chose You Series”

Lighthouse Series: Post 2: Lightkeeper, Trim Your Lamp

As the sun climbs its way through the clouds, the lightkeeper blows out the wick of the lantern, saving its brilliance for another night. Long hours in the blackness does not weary him. For he knows the light is victorious over the night. He protects its temple as if his life depended upon it. HeContinue reading “Lighthouse Series: Post 2: Lightkeeper, Trim Your Lamp”

The Lighthouse Series: Post 1: “I am the Light of the world…”

We live in a world plagued with darkness. The world is a ship lost at sea in the midst of a storm in the midnight hours. No light coming down from heaven to guide his way. No direction can be seen from his mast. Just utter and plain darkness. Waves towering above him threatening toContinue reading “The Lighthouse Series: Post 1: “I am the Light of the world…””

My Temple is His Temple

I am the temple for God’s presence. My heart is the rock of faith. I’m shielded by Christ’s righteousness. So that I can see His Holy Face. I guard my temple doors by controlling my thoughts and fears. I decorate His thrown room with laughter, love, and tears. Christ cleans every inch of the palaceContinue reading “My Temple is His Temple”